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Our Top 5 Favorite Ways to Climb the Pole~ All Levels

How many ways do you know to climb? With proper technique and form, you can learn to dance your way up the pole, making your climb look (and Feel) effortless! Here are our top 5 favorite ways to dance your climb

#1 - Bracket Grip w/ Leg Switches

The key to getting comfortable in this climb is forearm placement!

~Hand to shoulder reference point is what you'll want to aim for here. This will ensure optimal pushing power out of that bottom shoulder. Make sure your forearm is placed diagonally so that as you push, it does not slip to one side of the pole.

~Always scoop from the pelvis to engage the core before lifting your knees between climbs.

~Bringing your knees all the way up to your elbow will get you the most height out of each climb, conserve your energy by lessening the amount of climbs it will take to get you where you want to go and set your hand placement up perfectly for your next climb relinquishing the need for unnecessary adjustments.

#2 -Carousel Climb

The key to getting comfortable in this climb is shin placement!

~Lift that knee as high as your active flexibility will allow placing your shin diagonally so that as you push forward, it does not slip off the pole.

~ Scoop from your pelvis as you lift the extended leg back and then forward connecting it to the pole at the inner thigh.

~ Use the moment of the kickback to lift and replace the shin in between climbs. The leg placement will remain the same. Your arms will alternate.

#3 - Scissor Climb

You'll want to have a comfortable Jasmine hold for this one!

~ Bottom hand pointer finger down (always protect your wrists)

~Top knee releases and then is replaced at a higher position before closing again.

~ Bottom leg is consistently pressing forward each time it is placed. It releases and then lifts following the top leg.

#4 - Alternating Side Climb

Contact points are back of the knee and the calf!

~ Inside knee hooks the pole. Outside calf supports.

~You'll have one bracketed arm and one fully extended arm alternating placement as you climb.

~ In terms of leg placement, you've got options! You can release, raise and replace them as is or for a more dynamic flare, consider rotating their placement by twisting your torso forward and then back.

#5 - Circus Climbs

Prerequisite- Inversions & leg hangs!

~ This climb is a combination of forward inversions, outside leg hangs and figurehead.

~ Forward invert, outside leg hang. Outside hand releases and re-grabs above knee.

~ Pull yourself up and backward as you loosen the knee grip allowing the leg to slide down the pole aiming for a figurehead stance.

~Pull the pole into the armpit as you would in figurehead. (Tip: keeping the knee hooked will help support some of the weight leading into your nest inversion)

We hope you found these 5 climbs and their key tips helpful!

Remember that climbing not only can but Should look and feel effortless! This, like with anything, comes with time so keep up the good work and know that consistency is key!. Feel free to ask questions and/ or leave your comments below. And be sure to stay tuned for our next video blog topic: Creative Inversions~ 5 Playful Ways to Get Upside Down Without Going Through the Traditional Invert.

Course curriculum overview:


1. Cultivating your climb ( making your climb look & feel effortless)

2. Creative Inversions, handstands & forearm stands

3. True Inversions & Leg Hangs

4. Splits& Illusions (Jade, Allegra & More)

5. Brass Monkey~ Shapes, Entries & Exits

6: Crafting the Combo ( a culmination of things learned)

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