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Tips For Getting Started

Our classes are designed to be beneficial to Everyone no matter your age, gender, body type or fitness level. There is no "base level" of strength nor flexibility required to start your pole journey. Each class will be taught with regressions (simpler moves and breakdowns) and progressions to add an extra challenge. If you are new or in the very early stages of your pole journey, we strongly recommend starting with 8-10 Pole FUNdamentals (Intro) classes before moving forward. Remember that everyday will be different. Some days you’ll nail your moves first try and other days might feel a bit more challenging. Just remember that everyone progresses differently and consistency is key! We are a community that encourages and inspires each other so get ready to get fit, make friends and have fun!

yes to prepare for pole class

Yes to:

Bare feet/ Socks

Yoga Mat & Water

Layers: Leggings/Sports bra/Shorts

what not to bring to pole class

No To:

Street shoes/Heels (Pole heels ok)



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Pre-Register all classes

Please read full class descriptions to ensure you are signing up for the class that appropriately meets your current level. 


We are surrounded by metered parking (FREE after 6pm and on Sundays) 

Daytime parking starts at .50 cents /hr.

Please plan to arrive 10-15 min prior to your scheduled class time.

Doors open 5 min before class start time. 

Studio Policies:


* Each class begins with a warm up to safely prepare the body for our workout on the poles. If you are not here on time, you are missing the most important part of class. If you are not present within 5 minutes after the start of class, you will not be permitted to enter. You will be considered a "No Show", and it will result in the loss of your class credit(s) and/or incur the $15 no show fee. Safety is always our first priority without exception.


Any class with less than 4 reservations may be cancelled due to low enrollment. The cancellation will take place 2 hours prior to the class's start time. If you have a reservation, you will be notified via text or email. A class credit will be issued back to your account to use toward a future booking. However, no refunds will be issued.


*All class cancellations require an 12 hour notice. No shows and late cancels will result in a class forfeiture AND the loss of an additional class credit or the $15 applicable fee! No future bookings can be made until your account is brought current.


*Private/Semi Private sessions and studio rentals require 24 hours notice. 



CoCreate offers the opportunity to save on your monthly membership with our auto renew program. As part of this program, you are choosing to have your monthly fee  automatically deducted from your bank account/ credit card in exchange for a discounted rate.


You may cancel your automatic renewal membership after the initial 2 month commitment period. Request to cancel must be received by us IN WRITING A FULL 14 DAYS PRIOR to your monthly renewal date. 


Unused classes expire and there is NO ROLLOVER.


Classes must all be used by the same person.


Request to freeze your membership must be made and approved in writing.  There is a $35 fee to freeze your membership.You may do this once within every 12 month period. Request to freeze due to injury must be made as close to the injury date as possible. Once approved, the freeze will begin from date of written request. Once reinstated, you will have the exact amount of time that was left when your request was made. Example: If you had 2 weeks remaining on your 30 day package, once reinstated you will have 2 weeks left to use all remaining credits.

Memberships may be frozen for no more than 2 weeks unless otherwise discussed in writing. Medical freezes for longer than 2 weeks must be accompanied by a doctors note.

Bounced/ Declined Payments

There is a $25 Fee for all bounced/ declined payments. If your monthly membership is rectified (brought current)  within 24 hours, we will waive the penalty fee as a one time courtesy. Otherwise, the $25 fee will be attached to your account and will be due prior to attending any future bookings. 


ALL SALES ARE FINAL and no refunds are given for any reason.


Our in studio classes are also hosted online via Zoom. Class recordings are saved and made for viewing to members on our ON Demand video platform . Our in studio students may be seen in the background of some of these recordings. CoCreate Pole Fitness Inc. reserves the right to use these class recordings and all other video content filmed in our studio for marketing, advertising and social media purposes. 


Studio Rentals

Please Note: Only certified and insured instructors can offer pole dance or fitness lessons during a rental. Instructors must submit proof of insurance and certification, prior to booking! 
You must provide to us in writing
, full names of all attendees during your rental. This is to ensure we have a current liability release form on file prior to your scheduled appointment. You can email all information to

Absolutely no filming/ photography outside the use of a personal cell phone without prior written consent.
For security purposes, there is Indoor and outdoor video surveillance running 24 hours a day. An access code is required for entry and all studio policies must be observed at all times. 

24 hour cancellation notice is required or you forfeit the session.
Please be fully dressed and ready to exit the studio at your allotted end time. 

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