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A Special Note From Us to You:

It is YOU, OUR STUDENTS, that inspire us to keep growing, learning and pushing our limits to bring you the best possible learning experience we can provide. Everyday we are grateful for your presence, your eagerness to learn and your commitment to your own journey of self love. Together we will continue to joyfully dance our way to a healthier mind, body & soul. That is our commitment to you! ~ The CoCreate Family

Student Testimonials

" I started my pole journey out of curiosity and wanting to learn something new in July 2021. Pole has been such a life-changing experience for me; beyond the physical strength that I have gained thus far I feel much more connected to my body, my mind, my emotions, and I find myself more present in every aspect of my life. Pole has helped me work through a lot of body trauma and mental blocks that I feel have limited me in the past. The studio at CoCreate is like a sanctuary where I can be myself and be surrounded by other women being vulnerable and open to learning. Both Khalia and Dani are the most incredible instructors and beyond all the technical stuff they teach, I have also learned from their dedication and passion. I think everyone has a unique pole journey but the love, healing, and strength I have gained during mine is something I hope everyone can experience!"


" I love the learning environment at CoCreate Pole Fitness!  The class sizes are small, so each student receives personalized feedback and support.  The teachers are amazing and consistently differentiate instruction to ensure that each student is able to safely access the content at their current learning level.  I personally have grown so much at CoCreate in both my pole skills level and in my sense of self-confidence as a pole dancer.  CoCreate truly provides a welcoming, creative, supportive, and encouraging environment for all students to start or continue their pole journey."

                                                                                                                                 ~ Nicole

" I enjoy coming to this studio because the classes feel intimate and everyone gets enough one on one time with the instructor. I love how the classes are taught; moves are broken down into smaller pieces, making it feel more clear and attainable! You are always given modifications and different training tools to help you nail the move. Not only are the classes fun, I definitely have toner arms and abs thanks to CoCreate!" 

                                    ~ Lillian

" I started my pole dancing journey about 7 months ago, and I can say with confidence that it has changed my life for the absolute better. I feel a lot stronger, healthier, and sexier!

I am very lucky to have crossed paths with the best Teachers in the world, Khalia and Dani Polerina.

They are very supportive, creative, they engineer the movements to the atomic level so that you start with a strong, correct foundation - all around beautiful human beings with superb artistry.

I love the diversity of classes, from fundamentals to professional, from preparation fitness work to sexy choreographies, and also the individual, personalized attention I always receive in every class. You never feel left out because Khalia and Dani offer variations of moves to adapt to your level and growth.

I would recommend pole dancing to anyone, irrespective of age, body type or level of fitness.

I was shy at first because I felt like being in my late 40’s and not having worked out in a while I would be a misfit in the studio, but I have only found beauty around me, and the most supportive community. I have also made new friends along the way." 

                                                                       ~ Silvana

" I started pole back in 2019 and have consistently trained with Khalia throughout that time. She and the whole CoCreate studio create an environment full of encouragement and positivity. I have struggled with body acceptance my entire life, and pole dancing is the first form of movement that I feel joy in. I have been able to take something I have historically hated (working out) and turn it into something that I feel immense pride in! Thank you CoCreate!" 


"Pole has changed my life and CoCreate has been a big part of that! As someone that dreads working out and had never done anything consistently, I never thought I’d stick with anything until I found pole. I don’t even notice I’m working out most of the time, it’s just fun, and I have gotten so much stronger! I show off my arms to anyone that will entertain me now haha.  It has seriously given me a whole new relationship to my body in such a healthy way. Khalia and Dani are some of the best teachers ever! They break down even the most complicated poses so simply and are cheering you on the whole way through. I love coming to the studio.  I feel so supported, it’s inclusive, and I feel free to explore thanks to the those amazing ladies! The absolute best!"

                                                                             ~ Anneilis

"CoCreate was mentioned to me by my contortion instructor as I was looking to take a variety of beginner pole classes from a variety of places. CoCreate quickly became my favorite spot! Khalia’s attention to detail and technique allows you to understand exactly how to conquer the moves. She’s so encouraging and genuine and however difficult the practice can be, it’s impossible not to walk out of there feeling more empowered. I’m so excited for my journey with these people. Thank you CoCreate, for existing !"

                        ~ Molly

" CoCreate has been a complete game changer in my pole journey! Before I took my first PoleFUNdamentals class, I was on the verge of dropping pole. I felt defeated and unhappy with who I was as a whole and needed a change. I took an in person class from a local studio but that wasn't a good experience for me. Then I decided to give it one more chance with @Cocreatepolefit finding their account on IG. Feeling like I was taking a gamble, I paid for a first class and took it over Zoom. The experience I got was unmatched! Their patience for someone who doesn't learn as quickly was everything to me in that first class. When I don't achieve something as good as the other students, they are still always cheering me on like I did something amazing. Sometimes that encouragement is just what you need. Being able to grasp every concept, even though I wasn't in person watching it live, has played such an important role in my learning experience. Taking Zoom classes with CoCreate helped me build a strong foundation and learn about the technical aspects of this sport.  I can now break down shapes I see others do in videos and mimic them correctly because of the knowledge I have gained from taking these classes. To be able to do something that you couldn't do yesterday is an amazing feeling and something I never could have done without CoCreate!"

                                                                                  ~ Kim (Virtual student)

I started attending the virtual classes on Tuesdays over a year ago. I live 4 hours north of the studio, with no pole studios near me. It's kept my practice going and improving. I always get a lot out of every class, learn fun combos, and get personal attention. I've also attended some workshops virtually and loved them too. Overall, this is a great way to practice! Thank you for making it available. 

                                                                              ~Valentina (Virtual Student)


I look forward to every hour I get to spend at CoCreate. There is a real sense of community in the studio and everyone is so uplifting and kind. Khalia’s attention to detail in teaching has made me focus on proper form and conditioning to get into different tricks so that I don’t injure myself. I feel so much more confident going into tricks the right way, which is really important to me. I love it here!"


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