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What Are Private and Semi Private Sessions?

Private Sessions are lessons provided with one on one instruction between you and the instructor. Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Regardless if you are brand new to pole or have been training for a while, you will benefit from the personalized training, focus, privacy , additional time and attention. Learn to execute moves and build strength safely and effectively. We will work together to identify and break down the key components to unlocking your potential and help you achieve the fitness goals you desire. Each session is 60 minutes.

* Semi Private Sessions are shared cost private lessons with all the same benefits as above!  You and 1 other person of your choice will  receive full studio space and 60 minutes of private instruction.

* Virtual Private Lessons are available via Zoom!

Some benefits of private instruction:

* Added privacy

* Instruction is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals

*You will benefit from the accelerated learning process that comes from one on one instruction

*You decide what you want to work on and when

*FREE Parking!

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**If you have a specific day/time you would like to book and do not see it available on our appointment calendar, please send your request via text or email. You will  be notified with a response within a couple hours!

Text: 818-836-4203 or email here

**We have 1 FREE private parking space that can be reserved along with your session (private clients only)

- Stronger Together #CoCreate
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