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Studio Policies:

Liability Waiver and COVID-19 Release Form:

A general liability waiver AND  a COVID-19 release form must be signed before attending any class or private training session at CoCreate Pole Fitness. To review  these forms, click the link below.

Studio Rental:


The studio is available for rental in 60 min and 90 min time increments. Please make sure you are including any extra time you may think you will need for warm up, clean up, getting dressed etc. when you are booking your time slot. Please respect your fellow polers by making sure the studio is left clean and you are not running over your allotted studio time. You may  book your rental via the Book Now  tab under Classes. Please be sure to review all studio rental policies before booking. You may review them here .


12 hour cancellation notice is required

Memberships/ Class Packs:

We understand that in today's busy world, one size does not fit all. Therefore we have developed a variety of available purchase options for memberships and class packs. For more information, please viewPackages and Pricing and select the option that best fits your needs. Be sure to read all the details before making your selection as the policies and privileges may vary.

Membership freeze/ cancellation policy for Auto Pay


You may cancel your membership at any time PRIOR TO IT"S RENEWAL DATE.


Request to freeze your membership must be made and approved in writing.  Request to freeze due to injury must be made as close to the injury date as possible. Once approved, the freeze will begin from date of written request. Once reinstated, you will have the exact amount of time that was left when your request was made. Example: If you had 2 weeks remaining on your 30 day package, once reinstated you will have 2 weeks left to use all remaining credits.

Bounced/ Declined Payments: Will result in a $25 fee being attached to your account


Please note that EACH late cancel/no show will result in a $20 penalty fee being attached to your account and no future bookings can be made until your account has been brought current. By purchasing any of our monthly memberships, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

**All classes must be used by the same person. You may not gift any of your classes unless otherwise given written permission to do so.

Group Classes:

If less than 3 people are enrolled 2 hours prior to the start of any class, class may be canceled and credits will be issued back to enrolled students.

Late Cancel/ No Show Policies:

*All class cancellations require an 8 hour notice. Pick a Trick requires 24 hours notice! No shows and late cancels will result in a class forfeiture AND the loss of an additional class credit or the $20 applicable fee!


*Private and Semi Private sessions require 24 hours notice. Studio rentals require 12 hours notice. No shows and late cancels will result in a $20 penalty fee being attached to your account. No future bookings can be made until your account is brought current.

*Late arrivals will not be permitted to attend class. We allot a 5 minute grace period from the start of class. To ensure the safety and respect of fellow students, there will be no entry after this time.

New Student Discounts/  Trial Week


 Please review the following Trial Week Policies:  


You must be a new student . 

Purchase includes up to 3 classes which must be used within 14 days of purchase or they expire.


Late cancel and no-show policies apply. Without proper notice one additional credit will be deducted from your pass.


Payment must be sent "Friends & Family" via PayPal or Zelle

* All Sales are Final 

Prices subject to change at anytime

- Stronger Together #CoCreate
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