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Available In Studio and Online! *Click on any class to book it

These classes have all been designed to be beneficial to Everyone no matter your age, gender, body type or fitness level. Each class will be taught with regressions (simpler moves and breakdowns) and progressions to add an extra challenge. If you are new or in the very early stages of your pole journey, we strongly recommend starting with 8-10 Pole FUNdamentals (Intro) classes before moving forward. Remember that everyday will be different. Some days you’ll nail your moves first try and other days might feel a bit more challenging. Just remember that everyone progresses differently and consistency is key! We are a community that encourages and inspires each other so get ready to get fit, make friends and have fun!

recommended classes 8-10

This is an introduction/beginner class. It’s all about getting friendly with the pole, understanding fundamental movement, building strength, exploring beginner spins, climbs and choreo! Class begins with a mat warm up focusing on fluid movement, active flexibility and strengthening of the legs, hips and core. Ends with a 5 min freedance style exploration of moves learned in class; followed by a cool down.

(Beginner Pole Flow)

Here we’ll explore fundamental movement that will help you nurture fluidity and find your flow all while building the strength necessary to propel you along your pole journey. This is a choreo style class designed for Beginners of ALL LEVELS and anyone else looking to reinvigorate the more sensual side of their fitness journey. Classes may be taught on static and/or spin pole. Heels and knee pads are recommended!
This beginner class is the next step up from PoleFUNdamentals. Here you will explore fine tuning the strength building techniques and foundational elements you learned in those intro level classes. You'll work to strengthen your climb, train your inverts and learn to combine beginner tricks, transitions and combinations up the pole!  Classes will be taught on static and spin! 

( Climb & Condition)

This is a strength and conditioning class designed to accelerate your growth and progression while defining, sculpting and toning your full body. Mat start followed by circuit style pole drills and then a trick based focal point. Each class will target a new strength building skill set. This could include inverts, climbing, basic spins, caterpillar climbs, thigh holds, elbow grips, handsprings etc. Remember that there are “training wheels” for every move so do not worry about your current level of fitness. The purpose of this class is to help get you from where you are to where you would like to be. We do however recommend that if you are new to pole,  you take at least 8-10 Intro/beginner classes prior to attending this class.

(Student Choice)- ALL LEVELS

Have a specific pole move you’re working on, excited to try or need help perfecting? Bring it to class and we can safely and effectively break it down together. Don’t know what you want to work on? That’s ok too! This is a collaborative class where ideas are shared amongst everyone and the instructor always comes prepared with a few "tricks" up her sleeve. - All levels are welcome.
(Open Pole)
60 Minutes of Open Pole Play #Polejam Style! This is your time for free play; to practice moves you've learned in a previous class or just to explore movement. It's also a time to come together to get that perfect social media shot to share with your friends and followers, collaborate on tricks and tips, play with pole doubles and trio tricks! Although this in not a class with instruction, there is an instructor in studio at all times as safety is still a first priority and any advice or training tips you need will be readily available. Outfit Changes and High Heels Welcome :)
Pre req 8-10 PoleFUN classes
Pole Plus Chair! Learn fun shapes and combos that use both apparatuses. This mixed level class is NOT suitable for intro level students. A pre req of 8-10 PoleFUNdamentals classes is required before joining us here.

Pre req- Comfortable in your climb

In this High Beginner class, we will learn various spins, tricks and combinations up the pole. There is a prerequisite of AT LEAST 10 Pole FUNdamentals / Beginner level classes before meeting us here. You should be comfortable in your pole climb and working toward your inversions. 

 Pre req-strong leg hangs & Inverts

This is an intermediate/advanced level class focusing on strength and power tricks, transitions and combinations.  Classes will be taught on static and spin! You must be able to climb, invert and leg hang comfortably.

 Pre req-Aerial inversion

In this High intermediate/ advanced level class, we explore every combo from the floor before taking it up the pole! Each trick is broken down as an individual piece and then we work the transitions between them; stringing them together into seamless combinations! You must be proficient in your aerial inversion.
( flexibility for pole dancers of ALL LEVELS)
This is a stretch AND strengthen class. A huge part of what we do as pole dancers comes from the ability to bend our bodies and do so safely. This class will focus on both active and passive exercises that strengthen the joints, tendons and ligaments that surround and support the very muscles we are trying to stretch. This will  decrease the risk to injury and help us get deeper into those beautifully bendy pole shapes. Suitable for all levels.

 Pre req-strong leg hangs & Inverts

This intermediate + class focuses on shapes and combos that utilize power and momentum to generate spin on a static pole. Learn how to create momentum to help your static spins look long and effortless. In addition, this class is Full of handstands, tumbles, and inversions. 
- Stronger Together #CoCreate
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