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Weekly Schedule

Most classes are available both in studio and online via Zoom! Click on the class for a more detailed description of it. Please be sure to read carefully before booking to ensure proper level and in studio vs. virtual sign up. For ease and convenience you can

* This is a tentative class schedule and subject to change. Additional classes, days and times are added to the calendar regularly.

Simple Tricks,Transitions, Climbs &  Choreo

For Beginners of ALL LEVELS

Su 12:15pm

W 12pm

TH 6pm

Sa 11:15am

Step Up From PoleFUNdamentals

Tu 6pm

W 8:30pm

Open Pole With Optional Instruction


All Levels

student choice

Pop Up Shop Only


Pole & Chair Combos

Su 11am

Spin Pole Shapes- INT /ADV

W 6pm

Satic + Spin Pole Combos

Sa 12:30pm

Climb & Condition- ALL LEVELS

Th 7:15pm

 Tu 8:30pm

(In Heels)


F 12pm

Flexibility For Pole Dancers


Th 8:30pm

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