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CoCreate Literally Means Creating Together

This is Who We Are, This is What We Do

It is YOU, OUR STUDENTS, that inspire us to keep growing, learning and pushing our limits to bring you the best possible learning experience we can provide! Everyday we are grateful for your presence, your eagerness to learn and your commitment to your own journey of self love. Together we will continue to joyfully dance our way to a healthier mind, body & soul. That is our commitment to you! ~ The CoCreate Family

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Meet Tiffeney

Tiffeney is the Founder and Owner of CoCreate Pole Fitness. She was born and raised here in Los Angeles. With a background in nursing and education, she has spent her entire adult life caring for and teaching others in some capacity. She discovered her love for pole fitness about 12 years ago and has enjoyed the journey so much that she has dedicated herself to creating an environment to share her knowledge, skills and love of dance with her local community and beyond.

A Message From Tiffeney..

Discovering the pole community has blessed my life in so many ways and I am humbled and privileged to be a part of your journey as well. I truly believe that when we come together with love and positivity, our potential becomes limitless. It is my desire to create a community that encourages and inspires each other to live, grow and reach for our dreams.

Social Media: @khaliaspole
Photo: Alloy Images
Tiffeney Scheuerman
Owner of CoCreate Pole Fitness Inc

Meet Dani

Dani aka Dani Polerina has been dancing since she was 6 years old. As a classically trained dancer, Dani uses her love of ballet and modern dance to Inspire her movement and fluidity on the pole as well. Teaching dance Is her long time passion and she enjoys every part of the experience. She's excited and eager to join you on your pole dancing journey and looks forward to dancing and growing together!

Social Media: @dani_polerina

Meet Kelsea

Originally from Florida, Kelsea grew up in Oregon before making her way to Los Angeles in 2014. Kelsea is the proud co-creator of The Wicked Woman Show, a dark dinner theatre, pole and aerial experience that runs once a month at El Cid , she teaches pole classes in LA, is a seamstress and costume creator extraordinaire, a retired stripper and devoted sex worker ally, and a proud dog mom of two.

Social Media: @kelsea_alabama
- Stronger Together #CoCreate
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